SOPHIE ANNA is an Australian jewellery label, creating timeless pieces with a distinctive edge.

Driven by her passion for design and desire to create, Sophie Hillsdon makes jewellery that embraces simplicity, whilst inspiring a sense of empowerment.

From bold, geometric pendants to classic, silver bangles, SOPHIE ANNA is a curated collection of effortless essentials and classic statement pieces. Drawing inspiration from architecture and modern art, each piece celebrates clean lines, feminine geometry and embodies a sense of timelessness.

Following a less-is-just-enough philosophy, our collections are released in small batches to ensure the highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. Working exclusively with recycled precious metals and quality gemstones, each step of our process is handled with careful consideration, dedicated to traditional, superior craftsmanship; a focus on sustainability and high-quality materials; and a commitment to our unique style.

Fall in love with the elegant simplicity of SOPHIE ANNA. We invite you to explore our collection and discover the piece that speaks to you.